Hey, guys! Just a notice that I flipped over to another blog permanently. If you want the URL, please feel free to message me and I’d love to provide it!

I can still taste your imaginary kiss on my lips.
Most nights, I don’t question whether or not
you were real but whether or not you
were lying when you said loved me.
We woke up in the mountains with
thermoses filled with hot chocolate and coffee
even though I knew you hated both of them.
And when you left, I didn’t question my sanity
but whether you left my kisses on your lips
instead of on coffee cups.
You were my cup of tea.
Now, I wonder if she has the luxury of
waking up on sunday mornings with you
with the sun flirting with the horizon;
I bet you don’t look at her the way
the sun lights up the ocean and fills the sky
because that was only for me.
Sometimes, I think you’re the lucky one,
for having been in my arms and tasted my kisses.
But you’re the musician and i’m just the one
wild enough to dance for you.
God, I can’t even think of what to say next
because you probably took that with you, too.
You left me in bits and pieces with
only fragments of my mind.
I wish you took the pieces of you
when you left.
-What can I say next? (c.f.)

Anonymous said: You've inspired me so much, and having to hear you'll be deleting your account breaks my heart. Please, please change your mind...

Hello, there! Please feel free to message me off-anon and i’d love to give you the URL to my new blog! It’s not exactly like this one but i’d love to get to know you better. I’m always here for you and all my followers so please don’t feel like my not attending to this blog means i’m not here for you!

He’s in a relationship
That asshole
Ass fucking hole
After everything you’ve put me through the last few years
You’ve only been there ONE FUCKING WEEK
Fucking hell



Lemonade Mimosas with Blood Orange

Anonymous said: but how do u kno one of those people wont like change the pass so only they can use it? im just lookin out for u

*heavy breathing* must. have. faith. in. humanity.


Between deleting my blog and giving it away, does anyone want my blog?

or i’m considering compiling a handful of people to run it for me? hm


More good vibes here

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Anonymous said: DONT DELETE. please. I love your blog and would be broken if you deleted it or if someone else ran it. don't leave :(

Aw, i’m sorry! I’m wavering between the two options. My blog has become so dead the last few years — too many followers but too little conversations, you know? And it doesn’t mean anything anymore. So I wanted to make a blog devoid of that and kind of start over. So if you’d like to follow me there, please shoot me a message and i’ll provide it to you!