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I am in my own mind.
I am locked in the wrong house.
-Anne Sexton, “For the Year of the Insane,” from Live or Die (via lifeinpoetry)

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Writing ‘Red’, I was 21 and 22 and back then I think my priorities were different. My priorities were, I was very enamored by romance and the idea of that. At 24, at this point, I’m just really like, I just want to be with my friends, and I wanna make music, and I wanna play shows, and I wanna travel the world, and I want to define my life on my own terms. That’s my list of priorities now which is different than it was a couple years ago.
-Taylor Swift on the difference between writing ‘Red’ and ‘1989’ (x)

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3AM: the time to miss people who don’t miss you.
-Ten Word Story #11 (via bl-ossomed)

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